Advanced Materials Plant

Lynas Advanced Materials Plant

The first feed of concentrate into the kiln at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (“LAMP”) in Malaysia remains on schedule for the third quarter of 2011.

Vast majority of equipment procurement packages have been awarded while all construction contracts have now been awarded. Heavy rainfall experienced earlier in the year required significant dewatering works though the rainy season is now over.

Roofing works are progressing well on four buildings including the maintenance workshop and the erection crews are focussing on the remaining process buildings, substations and control rooms.

Critical path works including foundations, TNB substation, steel erection, fibre reinforced plastic tank installation, underground services, off plot installations and carbon steel tank erection have been of focus to ensure stable progress in each of these main activities.

The inspection of critical equipment from China is completed and the progress of the factory acceptance test for the process control system is scheduled for completion by mid-2011.

In the area of the development of Synthetic Mineral Products, a plantation trial in Pulau Indah, Selagor, confirmed the Magnesium-rich Synthetic Gypsum performed well as a Magnesium Gypsum Fertiliser Booster.

Cracking (Rotary Kiln)

Downstream Extraction

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